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"Andrew Skeates is an exceptional person and a marvellous masseur. We (my wife and I) have had massages of different kinds all over the world, and can truly say that Andrew is in the highest category of masseurs anywhere.

We have been massaged by Andrew for over ten years and his massages have never failed to be outstandingly excellent and creative. Over the years he has introduced new techniques (such as hot stone massage) without ever disturbing the pattern of intensive, pleasurable, relaxing, and reviving whole-body massage that is his hallmark. We have always felt reinvigorated and healthier after a massage from Andrew – and sometimes found ourselves weighing a pound lighter. We know that in the course of the massage we have breathed more deeply, relaxed more profoundly, and had our circulation invigorated more thoroughly, than at any time during the day.

One of the great benefits of having Andrew as a masseur is that he is extremely large and strong – truly a gentle giant. There is no huffing and puffing, no undue exertion if he wants to apply the deepest pressure (which is what we look for from a massage). His hands are huge and supple, and his skill is refined. He expertly applies a range of techniques drawn from different traditions (Swedish, Thai etc.) to give the most satisfying and therapeutic deep massage. He brings his sturdy treatment table to our house along with towels, healing oils, candles, and perfumes to create a wonderful environment for total relaxation. No client receives a ‘standard’ massage from Andrew, but up to 90 minutes of sheer pleasure and truly healing touch. He is also discreet, professional, and totally reliable.

Those who have been lucky to experience a massage at Andrew’s hands know how privileged we are to have his unique skills at our disposal to enhance our health and pleasure."

Dr. Amand D'Angour

(Fellow and Tutor in Classics, Jesus College, Oxford)

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